Simple Driveway Maintenance Tips

Are you happy with how your new asphalt driveway looks? It is a wonderful feeling when the local driveway pavement company in Grove City is done with their work and your new driveway looks stunning. It is such a huge satisfaction to know that a project that cost you a good amount of money turned out nicely.

But now you have to worry about how your driveway will look in a few years time. It is so important to maintain a driveway in the right way. Neglecting the driveway is only going to result in it developing issues, both functional and aesthetic. Here are a few tips that will help you with driveway maintenance.

  1. Monthly Cleaning

We would recommend that if you use your asphalt driveway like the average homeowner, a monthly cleaning is good enough. You can wash the driveway with a hose to get all the dirt off. You could even mix some type of detergent with the water if you want a bit of a deeper cleaning – but it is not necessary.

If you notice any spots that have developed on the driveway, the monthly cleaning is a good time to remove those. You can probably get them out by using water and a scrubber. If a stain does not come out, you can contact the company that paved your driveway. They can give you specific advice on products that will be safe to use to remove stains on the driveway.

  1. Keep the Sides Clear

Ask any construction or asphalt paving contractor in Grove City and they will give you similar advice: the edges of the driveway are its weakest points. It is true for both asphalt and concrete. It is the area where your driveway is meeting grass on either side.

Try to keep cars and other objects away from the sides as much as you can. If you need to park two cars side by side for a few days, it is not the end of the world. But doing that for months can be an issue.