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How Asphalt Saves You Money for Decades

Are you thinking about getting your driveway repaved? It is a big step, as most homeowners are scared about the costs involved. But if you currently have a concrete driveway, we strongly recommend that you go for a complete repavement. It is a much better idea, compared to spending a lot of money on repairs that may not even be that successful.

Concrete and Asphalt

The issue with concrete driveways is not about aesthetics. They look very nice. The issue is about the durability. When you read about concrete driveways, you are told about how they can last for two decades. But you have to read the fine print, which should tell you that cracks can start to emerge after just a few years.

And when those cracks do occur on concrete, you will find that it is very expensive to repair them. It is why driveway paving contractors in Grove City will charge you so much for concrete driveway repairs. It is not because they are trying to make extra money from you – it is the cost of the process.

Asphalt Saves You Money Now and Later

When you go with asphalt for a new driveway, you are saving money right now. You are getting the cheapest and most durable material for your driveway. And when it is paved in the right way, asphalt driveways look stunning.

But the beauty of the asphalt driveway is not just in how you are saving money right now, but the ways that you will save money in the future. Asphalt is very easy to maintain. If you are using it like a regular homeowner, you will find that maintenance will consist of little more than removing some stains.

Every five or ten years you may find that some cracks are emerging in the asphalt. But it is no reason to panic. Asphalt cracks are very easy to fill. And unlike concrete, when the cracks are filled, it looks like the crack was never there. In contrast, you can immediately tell when a concrete driveway was repaired, as the areas where cracks are filled are a different color to the rest of the driveway.

Practicality and Aesthetics

Asphalt is the best combination of practicality and aesthetics that you are going to find for driveways. Go around your city, especially into the nicer neighborhoods. Most of the homes that you will see have asphalt driveways. Why? Because people are starting to realize it is the best material for this purpose.

Yes, you will see some homes that have stone paved driveways. But those are probably huge homes. If you have unlimited money to throw at a construction project, stone paved driveways are the way to go. But if you want to stretch your budget as much as possible, asphalt is the best option!

Find the Right Contractor

It is so important to identify the best asphalt paving contractor in Grove City for your installation. You want a company that is offering fair rates and a quick turnaround time. Ensure the company has a policy on maintenance, especially during the first few years after installation. You should be getting a heavy discount for at least three to five years.

A quick way to check if a company is worth your time is to assess their online reviews. You can get an indication for whether they are the real deal based on what other customers experienced when they had their driveways paved!

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